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With a background in linguistics and documentary photography, her work melds traditional oriental aesthetics with western art techniques in a growing modern context. 


Zeng's focus is on the interpretation of memory, observing its properties concerning her self-reflection of repeatedly uprooting from home. By dissecting its multi-faceted layers and stripping away the confinement of time, she captures the sentiment of longing and drifting by portraying her static images in a fluid state.


The presented series of prints inspired by the pivotal moments of Zeng's life, then created in the middle ground between painting and photography. The dim, dreamlike perspective that characterizes her works induces a feeling of transmutation and haze. 


Agantu-klesa: The Future of Nostalgia'  invites the viewer to immerse themselves and incorporate their own pasts. 

Platinum and Palladium Prints

“ With influence from traditional Chinese calligraphy and ink drawings, I aim to transfer the lingering past and the bleed from the pages of history onto an alternative medium of experimental photography.” 


—  Oneness, 2018

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