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Special  Visit  Arrangement


The new coronavirus epidemic has raged recently. To protect the health and safety of visitors and staff, host gallery will implement the following measures:

・ Anyone who enters the museum must take a temperature measurement. If you have a fever symptom (forehead temperature 37
 or above), you will not be allowed to enter the gallery;
・ Visitors are required to wear masks before entering the venue, and use alcohol hand rub provided by the venue before entering and leaving the venue;
・ In order to control the flow of people and enhance cleanliness, the exhibition will take a staged tour;
・ Each section can accommodate up to 6 visitors. ( If there are other visitors in the gallery more than 6 people, please kindly wait outside )

・ Walk-in is available  



・ Visitors with fever, cough, respiratory infections, or diarrhoea will not be able to enter the gallery and should seek medical treatment and isolation at home as soon as possible;
・ If visitors have left Hong Kong in the past 14 days, please isolate themselves at home and do not go out for activities.



・任何進入畫廊人士皆需接受體溫測量。如有發燒徵狀( 額溫37.5℃或以上),將不能進入;



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